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The Urban Green Evolution – Are You Part Of It?

According to the UN, urban world populations are expected to increase to 5.2 billion by 2030, representing 60% of total world population. This rapid urbanisation comes with a host of challenges we’re already facing: congestion, pollution, and an upset biodiversity, among other health, environmental and social issues.

There is, however, an opportunity to redress this imbalance. The area these cities take up is expected to expand by at least another 150%, underscoring the importance and potential for city planning that incorporates urban greening and greater biodiversity.

Urban Greenery: A Key Enabler

The Urban Green Evolution bridges Urban Architecture and Urban Ecology for a truly sustainable ecosystem. Our current urban habitats have pushed trees, vegetation and other living species out of their natural context, at times force-fitting them into our harsh urban environments, and upsetting the biodiversity balance. As a key enabler bringing about human, environmental and property benefits, urban greening solutions that are used thoughtfully in urban architecture can protect yet integrate people in their spaces with other living flora and fauna for better lives, work and play.

From Green Walls to a Living Green Skin™

Urban greenery can be meaningfully applied in novel and unconventional ways. Think of a living green tapestry that wraps around bare building surfaces or interior walls, breathing new life into harsh surfaces. Low maintenance and low cost, Greenology’s Living Green Skin™ systems turn bare expanses into gorgeous works of living art, absorbing noise pollution and dispelling heat, freshening the air, and providing a visual feast for improved mental and emotional wellbeing.

We’ve examined numerous systems and seen many vertical greenery systems fail. Greenology’s Living Skin is the only sustainable system solution that works. The iconic living installations at the F1 Pit Building in Singapore bears testament to this.

Mason Tan, Managing Director, Mace Studio Pte Ltd

The Urban Green Evolution starts with you!

If you’re keen to integrate greenery into your home, office or project, consider these factors:


A truly sustainable system recreates natural plant growth based on botanical principles, allowing them to remain productive and flourish over time. Expect ecosystems with at least a decade’s lifespan, designed using recyclable materials for minimal carbon footprint.


Living Green Skins™ have the versatility and ability to contour surface areas to fit just about any design requirement. If you can dream it, then we can realise it, helping to fulfil your architectural and design vision.


Composing the right plant palette for a balance of style and substance is critical. Successful vertical greenery set-ups not only meet aesthetic requirements of design briefs, but also feature an appropriate plant mix suited to the site to nurture flora and fauna biodiversity. It takes specialist botanical knowledge, horticultural experience and unique system properties to achieve the desired diversity in vegetation, accommodating over 500 tested plant species native to climates.


Look for the science behind the systems. Specially formulated growing media and substrate panels facilitate nutrient and water exchange for optimal and sustained plant growth. Roots develop and establish naturally, unlike pot- or planter-based systems which result in root-girdling and a high plant mortality rate. Also important is pre-growing plants offsite before installation to enable acclimatisation.


Consider the life cycle cost and not just the initial investment. Through many trials, we have discovered that our Vertical Greenery™ system has the lowest capital investment and running cost in the market. Our system also boasts low water consumption, and fuss-free, low-maintenance integrated irrigation and fertigation.


Greenology designs for the environment and sustainability. We have the multi-disciplinary expertise – from design and botany to landscape architecture and engineering – to dedicate our efforts to crafting urban greening solutions that enhance biodiversity and endure.