Increase Property Value

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A green wall is no subtle feature. It shouts for one’s attention. Whether it is along a busy street or among a row of high-end exquisite shop houses, a green wall makes the building stand out among the rest. Green buildings, products, and services currently possess a competitive edge. Not only do green walls make great marketing tools, studies have shown that they also increase real estate values.

Green walls also act as screens between properties, addressing privacy concerns between homeowners. They can also provide discreet coverage of utilities and services areas.

Project reference:

  • This homeowner has approached Greenology to design a green wall which shields their property from their neighbour’s newly erected home.

Our green walls are also used to surround the surfaces of a large outdoor cooling system facility of the new Mediapolis building – not only does it help to alleviate heat produced from the cooling facilities, it also discreetly covers up a dull exposed facility building.