Reduce Energy Cost

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Urban Heat Island effect is no longer an unfamiliar term in recent years.  Cities have shown to be several degrees higher in temperature as compared to the suburbs in the same geographical region. This is because as natural vegetation gives way to buildings, roads and other concrete infrastructure, the surfaces become impermeable and dry, and heat cannot be dissipated easily. As a result, there is more need for cooling systems which give out heated air into the surroundings, increasing the energy costs even further.

Green walls act as a good insulating layer on the wall surface. They reduce the temperate fluctuations of a wall’s surface by 50%. This reduction is caused by trapping a layer of air within the plant mass and reducing ambient temperature through shading and evapotranspiration processes.

By lowering the surface temperature of buildings, energy costs can be significantly lowered as less energy is required to cool the building. By choosing a green wall with a naturalistic and hence lower maintenance design, this feature guarantees overall savings in the long run!