Stress Relief

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Do you ever feel a sense of liberation when you step out of the office after an entire day of work and see the greenery? Biophilia refers to the innate connection between human and the nature. There is a significant positive relationship between people’s access to the green environment and their psychological well-being. A study done across 16 countries on 7600 employees conducted by consultant Human Spaces produced interesting results on the correlation between employee’s productivity and their interaction with nature at their workplaces. Employees in work environments with natural elements including sunlight and greenery were on average 6% more productive, 15% more creative and their measured level of wellbeing was about 15% higher.

Greenology creates biophilic designs that can improve the human health and well-being in the urbanized environments. It is discovered that staring at greenery for 15 minutes can reduce mental and physical stress by up to 60%.  In addition to the benefits for individuals, companies could benefit from the increased productivity of the workers with green spaces at workplaces. University researchers in the UK discovered that those who worked in offices with natural greenery saw a 15% rise in productivity over a three month period, in comparison to those working with no greenery or natural elements within their immediate environment. In this way, people can work under a less stressful environment and increase their productivity concurrently!