Changi General Hospital Visitor Centre

Changi General Hospital Visitor Centre Gallery

This green screen stands as an interesting feature along a major walkway within the hospital. Mounted on both sides of an existing structure, the plants create multi-textured pieces arranged in a random pattern with the warm coloured natural scots pine wood, bringing a touch of ‘nature’ into the overwhelming mineral environment.

Bringing the greenery into the semi-indoors has its challenges. While one side of the screen receives natural light, the other side doesn’t and is supplemented with artificial grow lights for the survival of the plants. With this technology, greenery can be brought into spaces that were previously deemed unsuitable for plants.

The positive relation between greenery and healthcare has its roots in ancient tradition and the stack of data suggesting that such spaces can encourage healing has grown over the years. Just a few minutes spent looking at plants and greenery can begin to reduce anger, anxiety and pain and induce relaxation. This botanical art piece is one of many ways greenery has been introduced into Changi General Hospital with bountiful effects in physical and mental wellness of the patients and staff.

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