District Cooling Systems (DCS) – Mediapolis

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Cladded entirely with greenery, the District Cooling System (DCS) plant almost disappears into the surrounding park. Using technologically advanced vertical greenery systems by Greenology Pte Ltd, a Sustainable Living Green Skin was created with a montage of solid and porous greenery.

A combination of green walls and vertical planters cover the entire façade of the DCS. Intermittent vertical planters also allows for some airflow through the façade.

Accompanied with a simple plant palette of hardy plants with a variety of textures chosen carefully for long term easy maintenance and sustainability. Maintenance of the 8 meters green wall section is done by rope access, a solution to a situation where accessibility for machinery at the front of the wall is not possible.

Around the edge of the DCS, it is lined with a planting strip of groundcovers as an extension of the surrounding park, complementing the façade greenery.

The aesthetics of the greenery comes with a multitude of environmental benefits such as reduced CO2 levels, less dust, sound abatement, micro-climatic cooling in the area as well as increased biodiversity of both flora and fauna. Integrated with the surrounding park, the area provides psychological relieve for its users, a green oasis in an urbanised district.