Tung Po Ave

Tung Po Ave Gallery

This house along Tung Po Avenue has an interesting façade that stands out among the row of houses. Using the greenwall as an architectural element, it features a multi-hued botanical palette arranged in a mosaic pattern on tilted surfaces. Inside the house, the air well is cladded with rich plant life extending 3 stories, providing a luxuriant view from multiple rooms and spaces within the house.

Greening the exterior of the house, with a composition of enduring foliage and aluminium battens, forms a screen that helps to reduce the strength of the sunlight entering the building, lowering the temperature and reducing external noise. Bringing the greenery into the air well regulates the interior microclimate of the house by maintaining a dense biomass in a closed space, purifying the air and absorbing sound.

Including plant material in the architectural design provided benefits beyond the aesthetic, and contributes immensely to improving the comfort level of the tenants.

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