Greenology Green Walls DO NOT USE SOIL

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The Greenology Vertical Greenery™ systems do not use soil to grow plants. We use GNanoFibre™ and GMatrix™ as the key substrates for plant roots to anchor and grow. An automated irrigation system with pressure compensated droppers and an in-line fertigation unit keep the plants watered and fed at regular intervals.

The system is by far the lowest consumer of water. This has been proven in many of our trials.

The capital investment and running cost of the GVG system is the lowest in the market. With more than 500 species of plants to choose from, we can create a Living Green Skin™ over any vertical surface or for that matter many other profiles. We customise our vertical greening solutions to suit the site and conditions.

GVG is a 100% Made in Singapore innovation!

We did not get any mileage or research funds for creating a Singapore-made Product unlike Japanese companies that NUS work with to do research on green walls!