Maintenance of Green Walls

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Myriad of Colors

The maintenance issues of green walls are new to many developers, home owners, architects and landscape architects. You cannot apply the same maintenance regimes and schedules as you would for normal horizontal landscapes.

Green walls are meant to evolve and develop naturally and with minimal intervention and maintenance. Of course this also depends on the choice of plants and how the plants are grouped on the wall. It is important to understand the plant species and their growth habits to achieve this. We have used more than 500 species in our green walls and we understand what plants do well and don’t and what plants grow well together.

It has been challenging explaining this to people. Each green wall is different and they behave differently in different orientations and sites. The green wall maintenance should be performance-based rather than stipulated maintenance regimes.

Our GVG systems have proven to require very little maintenance. Clients can appreciate that. Many misconceptions have arisen in the minds of non-specialists and this is also the result of many failed systems in the market.

Please also bear in mind that green walls with elaborate designs will cost more to maintain than green walls with a naturalistic plant mix. Plant choices should be left to the green wall specialists.