Greenology VertiVegies™

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VertiVegies RenderAn efficient home system for growing herbs, fruits and vegetables in small indoor spaces. Greenology VertiVegies™ is designed for growing crops vertically in an enclosed system using the VertiponixTM method that recirculates water and nutrients with little water loss, low carbon footprint and minimal exposure to pest. The high productivity of herbs and vegetables is an excellent food production solution for small-scale urban farming.

  • Soil-less growing keeps system neat and clean
  • Automated irrigation and recirculated water
  • Defined nutrient solution prevents over-fertilization
  • Vertically stacked to maximise crop yield
  • Enclosed design for better environmental and pest control
  • Uses patented Greenology Grow LightsTM technology
  • In-built ventilation to optimise growing temperature and humidity
  • Built-in wheels for mobility
  • Fresh harvest of herbs and vegetables for direct consumption and cooking