How We Work

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Every vertical garden is a unique botanical art piece and installation; a result of close consultation with clients and working with other professionals for seamless integration of greenery into an urban setting. This holistic, multi-disciplinary approach is important as we consider each individual requirement and space. Call us to make an appointment to tour our nursery, or for us to visit your site to assess conditions and suitability for a vertical garden. At your site we’ll evaluate the technical, design and aesthetic aspects as well as project timeline for the expected date of installation – accessibility and workspace area, wall aspect, lighting conditions for plant growth, measurements, location and water inlets and outlets, context of the vertical garden and preferred theme if any. After the recce we will be able to provide a quotation, and subsequently a proposed plant palette and detailed drawings upon acceptance. A 6-8 week period is necessary for pre-growing of the green wall panels for good plant establishment and lush foliage, leading up to installation date.

Design > Build > Installation
Based on our collective engineering, landscape architecture, horticulture and urban greening design expertise and experience the design brief and intention is articulated and its essence encapsulated in a specific plant palette and drawing details – no 2 vertical gardens are ever the same and rightfully so, since they’re an expression of a private client’s personality or the commercial projects’ brand identity. We add our own flourish with the use of signature plants suited to mature and evolve symbiotically in an organic fashion. Our green wall panels are built to be versatile for almost any sort of imaginable application, whether new builds or retrofits. Installation typically takes a minimum of half a day for a private residential apartment balcony wall, or can be staggered over months as per commercial project milestones.

Our vertical gardens are designed to be no-frills, fuss-free, water- and energy-efficient for self-maintenance. Complete with its own timer-activated irrigation, fertigation and drainage, most home-owners can undertake light pruning and trimming themselves. If you’d rather leave it to us, or for large-scale high-rise professional services, we offer ad-hoc sessions or regular maintenance contracts at a specified frequency suited to facilities management schedules.