Tour around Greenology

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In the current urban environment, biodiversity in flora and fauna is getting irreversibly lost. Cities become increasingly uncomfortable due to the trapped heat and the higher dust levels which leads to health problems. Urbanisation leads to climate change which then again leads to sick and unhappy people.

Join Greenology in a tour to find out what you can do to make the world a better place to live in.

Learn about the benefits of greening the urban environment, about the technology and science behind Greenology. This tour will foster an understanding of the environment. You will learn about the latest trends in the greening industry. Most importantly, you will be immersed into the beautiful and green environment and get connected with nature again.

Our multidisciplinary team is ready and happy to welcome people from all ages and various professional backgrounds to Greenology. We are excited to share the knowledge and passion with children and empower them to built the world they want to live in. We can also have a more technical and science oriented presentation for professionals and student such as Architects, Interior Designers, Horticulturists, Botanists, polytechnic and university students and whoever is interested in learning something new.


Currently we offer two types of tours:


  1. Greenology Facility Tour (Presentation and Facility Tour)
  2. Greenology Facility Tour & Site Visits (Presentation, Facility Tour, selected site visits around Singapore)

Please contact us if you are interested. We are happy to discuss with you your expected learning experience and adapt our program accordingly.