Greenology Vertical Agriculture™ (GVA)

Greenology Vertical Agriculture™
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In land-scarce Singapore, Greenology Vertical Agriculture™ is a space-saving system developed for farming produce like herbs, fruit and vegetable crops in the constraints of a small land area. The VertiponixTM method recirculates water and nutrients within a closed-loop system, ensuring minimal water loss and low carbon footprint. Greenology Grow Lights™ are used for increased photosynthetic flux to ensure optimal crop growth. The frames for the racks are made out of lightweight aluminium. Growth conduits carrying the defined nutrient media are made of food-grade ABS plastic to ensure food safety for consumption. The small carbon footprint and high crop yield is a scalable food production solution for both rural and urban commercial-scale farming.

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) allows monitoring of growth parameters
  • Soil-less growing keeps system neat and clean
  • Fresh local harvest of herbs and vegetables with less transport
  • Defined nutrient solution prevents over-fertilization
  • Great teaching aid in schools for Science and Urban Agriculture lessons