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Green Walls for Your Home or Office

Join the growing movement of green wall enthusiasts in Singapore


Imagine being surrounded by soft greenery in your living environment. The air is always fresh; the ambience cool. The sounds of the city and traffic are muted. Stress slips away and you realise you feel more relaxed than you’ve ever been. This is the transformative magic of plants. And you can bring this transformation into your home or office simply by creating a vertical green wall! Just like thousands of homeowners and owners of commercial buildings in Singapore who have joined the green wall movement.


If you haven’t heard about green walls, or are new to this fantastic innovation, we’ll give you a quick rundown on the brilliant benefits of green walls, or vertical greenery as it’s also known


But First, What Are Green Walls?


Green walls consist of carefully selected plants grown in special substrate panels that are then connected together and affixed to interior or exterior walls of your home or building. The substrates facilitate the exchange of nutrients and water for optimal and sustained plant growth. The result is a seamless wall of vertical greenery that requires minimal maintenance. More on maintenance later!


Green Wall Office Singapore
The Benefits of Green Walls

Temperature reduction

In hot and humid Singapore, exterior green walls are an excellent insulator. They can reduce interior temperatures by up to 5ºC1, thereby reducing energy usage and costs.

Sound pollution reduction

Green walls absorb the echo of sound bouncing off hard surfaces, reducing noise pollution by up to 15 decibels2. That’s equivalent to the sound of traffic being reduced to that of a normal conversation. 

Building protection

The insulating layer of vertical greenery on a building’s exterior protects it from strong wind, corrosive acid rain, harmful UV radiation, and high temperature fluctuations which can cause cracks to develop.

Air purification

Through photosynthesis (remember your biology lessons?), green walls absorb carbon dioxide and release more oxygen into your environment. Furthermore, studies have shown that plants, and helpful microorganisms living near their roots, can also degrade or remove harmful chemicals from the air, including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene, toluene and xylene. How cool is that?

Stress relief

Did you know that staring at greenery for a few minutes, even if it’s a potted plant on your desk, can reduce your mental and physical stress? In one experiment3, participants who spent just 5 to 10 minutes in a room with plants felt happier than those who spent time in a room without plants. Nothing like nature to heal and lift our mood! 

Increased biodiversity


Exterior green walls play an important role as rest stops, food sources and habitats for pollinators, invertebrates and other organisms. Greenology uses a variety of native and locally-adapted plants to transform your green wall into a mini ecosystem that attracts and supports butterflies, bees, birds and other organisms that are crucial to urban biodiversity.



Exterior Green Walls

Many commercial buildings in Singapore are enjoying the tangible, practical and financial benefits of vertical greenery. Let’s take a look at how creatively Greenology has designed green walls for such buildings.


Green Wall Office Singapore
Interior Green Walls

Even if you live in an apartment, there are ways to incorporate a green wall into your design aesthetic. Just look at these gorgeous examples in houses and high-rise apartments in Singapore! 

The surprising beauty of Moss Art
There are an astounding 12,000 species of moss found around the world! Here in Singapore, the tiny but exquisite forms of local moss species are combined in artistic ways as living artwork for your walls. Not only are they a stunning focal point of your home or office, they bring all the benefits of plants into your interior environment – air purification, absorption of noise pollution, and stress relief!

Purchase ready-made moss art from us, or let us design a moss art to suit your décor. We can integrate other elements such as wood or metal, or incorporate your company name or logo. Moss can also be integrated into a green wall design to create more textural and colour interest. What’s even better is that moss art is maintenance-free – you don’t even need to water it!

Check out these fabulous examples we’ve installed in homes, businesses and retail spaces.


A Green Wall Curtain Created from Green Fins

Want to create a natural divider in your home space? Or block out an unsightly view? Consider creating a curtain of greenery through the use of our signature Green Fins. These hanging planters allow you spatial flexibility (go as wide or as tall as you want), are equally aesthetic from either side, and super easy to maintain. Here’s how they have been used to maximum effect in these spaces.


Green Wall Fin Singapore
How Can I Go About Getting a Green Wall in My Home or Office?

So now that you’re beginning to love the idea of having vertical greenery in your environment, what next? Have a look at our gallery for more inspiration.

Or talk to Greenology Tell us what you want, and what your home or office space is like, and we can discuss ways to make your vision come true. We can also work closely with your architect and interior designer to develop an integrated design plan.

Choose the types of plants you want, or leave it to our experienced team. We have tested more than 600 species on our trademarked substrate panels and know exactly how well they fare in various environments. We’ll carefully consider the location of the green wall, amount of sunlight, water supply and various other technical and aesthetic details. Then we’ll start growing the selected plants until they are mature enough to be implanted in the substrate panels and installed in your home.

Minimum Maintenance of Your Green Wall

Our vertical green walls are designed to be fuss-free for easy self-maintenance with timer-activated irrigation, and are very water and energy-efficient. All you have to do is a little light pruning now and then, or if you prefer, our Greenologists can swing by to carry out regular maintenance.

Now that you know how beneficial and easy it is to install a green wall in your home or office, talk to us to get a better idea of how we can make this happen!



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