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A 4-Storey Waterfall Of Plants

A wonderful challenge was laid before us when this client approached us to create a green oasis in the middle of their new home. They have an air well extending from the basement to the roof, and wanted a continuous indoor green wall that would connect everyone through the four levels of their home. 
In their previous home, our client had a larger garden. It was this feel of being immersed in greenery that they wanted replicated in their new home. Views of this central column of natural green can be enjoyed by all from their own rooms, and from shared spaces.
Greenology Singapore | Private Residential Project | feature wall
We took reference from a natural cave and cliff habitat, where plants and vegetation are typically seen growing on cliff faces and inside grottos. To manifest this concept, we designed a green wall that is 12 metres high, with a moss wall at the top to artistically represent clouds. The hand-sculptured backdrop is designed to imitate a cave setting, together with our plant choice of lush shade-loving plants and a forest-like green wall design.
This sustainable green wall is easily maintained through our Greenology Grow Lights and a misting system, ensuring that the plants thrive and do not need to be replaced often. We’re pleased to say our client was delighted with the result!
Greenology Singapore | Private Residential Project | feature wall
Private Residential Project | Hybrid Wall | Greenology Singapore
We would like to thank the team at Greenology for creating a beautiful vertical landscape in our newly renovated home. They maximised the use of our air well by creatively combining a green wall, moss scape and indoor terrarium. They also created a multi-sensory entrance to our house by recommending a water feature and aromatic peripheral plantings there. The use of Bluetooth timers and automated irrigation systems has also greatly reduced the need for maintenance of the greenery in our home. We are very satisfied with the work from Greenology and would highly recommend Greenology to other customers who desire a green oasis in their home.
Mrs Chandra