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Scientists have long known about the ability of negative air ions to purify air by removing particulate matter in air pollution. In recent studies, negative air ions have also been shown to reduce stress and depression, regulate sleep and mood, boost focus and immune function, and kill or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses and mould.

Negative air ions are molecules or atoms floating in the air that carry an electron. Natural phenomena such as thunderstorms, ultraviolet rays from the sun, crashing water in waves and waterfalls, and plant growth, all discharge negative air ions. This explains why people feel in a better mood when they’re at the beach, or after a thunderstorm.

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Biological Air
Purification System

Under normal growth conditions, plants release low levels of negative air ions. However, under pulse electric field stimulation, the level of negative ions released increases up to a million times more. This is what Greenology’s Flora Aer Plant Ionizer does when it is incorporated into a green wall.

This small device, as part of Singapore’s own home grown Active Green Wall system, is a first-of-its-kind solution in Singapore, and has been tested in the SJ-NTU Corporate Lab at Nanyang Technological University, promising the following benefits:


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) filtration on par with any HEPA based systems


Cleans airborne pollutants – PM2.5, Total Volatile Organic Compounds and CO2


Psychological benefits from having real greenery indoors


Green wall absorbs noise and is aesthetically pleasing

Imagine that relaxed, blissful feeling of being by a cool waterfall, surrounded by greenery. Now imagine feeling that same uplifting mood all the time! Add Flora Aer to your home or office environment now and start enjoying all the benefits of negative air ions.
Greenology Singapore | Flora Aer system in Office