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The natural world is made up of vast ecosystems that require each species to perform its role and co-exist together in harmony. Through observing how nature works, we can derive Nature Inspired Stewardship principles that can be applied in our everyday lives and environment.

On our learning journeys at Greenology Academy, we aim to inspire, empower and drive the next generation of Green Stewards to develop ideas that create sustainable solutions for real world problems.

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Greenology introduces a new and revised learning journey, ‘Regenerative Green Cities of the Future,’ in alignment with the Singapore Green Plan and Singapore’s 30 by 30 food security goals.

The concept invites us to go beyond sustainability, involving a paradigm shift from a built environment that is degenerating its ecosystems, to a flourishing city that restores local environments and regenerates the biocapacity of ecosystems.

Journey with us through engaging interactive zones where we introduce to you a world of opportunities and possibilities in the area of urban greening, green intelligence, microbial science, agri-tech and many more, with hands on experience! This learning journey will also pave the opportunity to explore green careers as a potential career prospect in the future.

Our multidisciplinary team is ready to share our knowledge and empower you to impact the world in a positive way. We can tailor our courses and workshops for special interest groups such as schools, corporates, architects, interior designers, horticulturalists and botanists.

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Public Events

Find out more about what we do by going on an in-person tour of Greenology, or sign up for one of our fascinating online workshops! Check the schedule below for upcoming events, and click on the link within to join.


Greenology continues to spread the message about the immense benefits of urban greening and sustainability by collaborating with a variety of organisations ranging from schools to an aged care facility. As these clients can attest, we are delighted to make a significant difference.

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Past Events

Our workshops and tours are always immersive, entertaining, and highly educational. If your school or organization would want to focus on a certain topic of interest, please let us know and we can adjust the workshop content to suit your needs!