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Apex Harmony Lodge

At Greenology, we believe in the healing power of nature using Nature-inspired Stewardship with Nature-Based Solutions, to benefit as many people as possible. We have a long partnership with Apex Harmony Lodge, hosting a number of their Residents at Greenology every day, immersing them in the power of greenery!

Greenology has been a second home for at least 40 Residents of Apex Harmony Lodge (AHL) yearly since 2014. Every day, 8 to 10 Residents look forward to spending half a day at the soothing and peaceful space at Greenology.

There, Persons with Dementia (PWD) were empowered and enthused to live well through a variety of meaningful engagements ranging from fun and fit activities to nature-inspired engagements. It is the one and only such nurturing space that weaves in physical and emotional well-being together with cognitive and sensory stimulation in a naturalised biophilic setting. It provided a safe sanctuary in which meaningful connection, often neglected for PWD was re-established.

Mr Veera is an extraordinary caring and forward-looking partner of AHL, always wanting the best for PWD. He humbly spent money out of his pocket to create the aforementioned safe space, enthusing many PWDs to regain their identity, independence and live a normalised preferred lifestyle like a retiree. Many possibilities happen right here, from co-creating fun and relaxing nature-inspired activities to Therapy Through Work and Agility initiatives.

Over these wonderful years, Greenology has contributed keen expertise and resources in our journey to unleash potentials of PWD, and we're honoured to have Mr Veera and Greenology as a recipient of our Outstanding Synergistic Partner Award in 2019. Many Residents have benefited from the immersive learning experiences at Greenology and thoroughly enjoyed their time keeping physically, mentally and socially active there.
Ms Soh – CEO at Apex Harmony
Elderly lady creating moss art | Apex Harmony Lodge | Greenology Singapore
Elderly ladies planting | Apex Harmony Lodge | Greenology Singapore
Workshop for elderly residents of Apex Harmony Lodge | Greenology Singapore