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Urban Greening


Urban Greening

Bring soothing nature into your home, office and environment. Brighten your surroundings with beautifully designed greenwalls, interiorscapes, landscapes and unique living works of moss art, creating a harmonious and visually appealing environment.

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Vertical Greenery

Imagine a central business district clad in plants: a living, breathing skin covering the concrete buildings that would otherwise absorb and trap heat. Apart from bringing the beauty of nature into the concrete jungle, green walls act as a buffer, decreasing the heat inside on all floors, and reducing sound pollution from traffic, construction, airports and other sources of urban noise. They also reduce energy costs, purify the air, and provide stress relief.

Our team of Greenologists invest a lot of time, effort and creativity in producing beautiful indoor and outdoor vertical green walls for private, commercial and government clients, enhancing both the aesthetics of these spaces, as well as the well-being of all who inhabit them.

Greenology Singapore | The Heeren Singapore | Vertical Green Wall
  • Greenology has tested over 600 species on its walls to ensure their ability to thrive in an urban environment. Green walls can be further enhanced with a choice of native plants to support native flora and fauna.
  • We researched and developed our proprietary substrate panels, which were a first in the world. They facilitate nutrient and water exchange for optimal and sustained plant growth. The GVG panels were also the first in the world to be fire-rated for use on building facades. We’ve carefully researched plant species and substrates to develop proprietary products with GNanoFibre™ and GMatrix™, reducing plant mortality and replacement rates.
  • All installations are passionately handcrafted by our team of designers and engineers who combine botany, horticulture and landscaping to produce living tapestries that not only work, but work sustainably.

Building Protection Increases the integrity and durability of a building by protecting the exterior from strong wind, corrosive acid rain and harmful UV radiation. The insulating layer of greenery reduces the range of temperature variation of the building envelope, thus reducing expansion and contraction of building material which can cause fractures and cracks.

Sound Abatement Absorbs the echo of noise bouncing off hard surfaces, reducing noise pollution by up to 35 decibels.

Air Purification Reduces carbon dioxide and increases oxygen through photosynthesis. It also converts toxic chemicals into less harmful by-products, and sequesters heavy metals.According to research by NASA, leaves of indoor plants can remove carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde produced by many household products. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), trichloroethene (TCE), benzene, toluene, xylene etc. can be removed by the plant roots, or be degraded and removed by microorganisms living near the roots.

Reduction in Energy Cost Cities are generally several degrees warmer compared to suburbs in the same geographical region because of the lack of natural vegetation. The greater use of cooling systems in turn emits more heated air into the surroundings.

Green walls act as a good insulating layer on the wall surface, reducing temperature fluctuations by 50%. This results in lower energy costs as less energy is required to cool the building.

Stress Relief There is a significant positive relationship between people’s access to a green environment and their psychological well-being. Staring at greenery for 15 minutes can reduce mental and physical stress by up to 60%.A study done across 16 countries on 7,600 employees showed that employees in work environments with natural elements including sunlight and greenery were on average 6% more productive, 15% more creative, and their measured level of well-being was about 15% higher.

Increased Biodiversity Green walls can play an important role in bringing back biodiversity into our urban spaces, and helping to sustain ecosystems. They can act as resting stops, sources of energy, and habitats for pollinators, invertebrates and other organisms.At Greenology, we use a variety of native and locally-adapted plants on our walls, transforming them into mini ecosystems which attract and support beneficial organisms such as butterflies and birds whose habitats have been displaced by urbanisation.


Each vertical garden is a unique piece of botanical art, arrived at after close consultation with clients, architects, interior designers and other professionals. We consider individual requirements and the space; evaluate the technical, design and aesthetic aspects; and consider the lighting conditions, location, and water inlets and outlets. After the proposed design is approved, a 6 to 8 week period is necessary for the pre-growing of the green panels for good plant establishment before installation takes place.

Design and Installation

We bring our collective engineering, landscaping, horticultural and urban greening design expertise together for the design brief. Clients will be presented with specific plant palettes and drawing details that take into account their taste and personality, or the commercial project’s brand identity. Greenology adds our own flourish with the use of signature plants. Installation can take a minimum half a day for a residential balcony wall, or staggered over months as per commercial project milestones.


Our vertical gardens are designed to be fuss-free, water- and energy-efficient for self-maintenance. They come with timer-activated irrigation, fertigation and drainage, leaving home-owners nothing more to do than the occasional light pruning and trimming. For larger-scale projects, we offer ad-hoc or regular maintenance sessions.

Greenology | Urban Greening

Moss Art

Wonderfully tactile and low-maintenance, these bespoke pieces of living art skilfully combine the different colours and textures of moss species to create unusual and memorable statements in your home or office.

Moss art also has the benefit of absorbing noise, thus enhancing the serenity of your living space. Best of all, they only require the occasional misting for the moss to thrive and retain its suppleness, and hand-watering for the ornamental plants as directed.

Mosscapes feature wall for Lendlease office | Greenology Singapore
Greenology Singapore | Mosscapes

Greenology | Urban Greening

Green Fins

For an alternative to wall-fixed planter systems, Greenology also offers planter fins that can be suspended from the ceiling or overhead structures. Hung individually, in clusters, or as a curtain, these versatile, easy-to-maintain systems give you full range to express your interior design creativity.

Greenology Singapore | Green Fins | Residential project
Greenology Singapore | Urban Greening | Green walls at Chua Chu Kang Polyclinic
Greenology Singapore | Green Fins | Dulwich College Singapore

Greenology | Urban Greening


Greenology will be happy to work with your architect or interior designer to customise larger works of green scapes for your interiors. Bring the garden indoors with thoughtfully chosen greenery that not only delights and calms the senses, but also enhances your well-being and air quality.

Interiorscapes® are an excellent way to add softness to a business environment or integrate nature into your home.

Greenology Singapore | Interiorscapes | PS Cafe Singapore
Greenology Singapore | PS Cafe at Raffles City | Singapore
Greenology | Interiorscapes | Green plants inside an office space

Greenology | Urban Greening

Design & Build Landscapes

From suburban gardens to recreational parks, campus grounds to public spaces, Greenology has provided numerous well-thought-out landscaping solutions that are sympathetic to the environment and architectural style, and that celebrate the beauty of our local flora.

For a landscaping consultation, please contact us.

Greenology Singapore | Outdoor Vertical Wall | Residential Project
Greenology Singapore | The Providore | Design and Build Project
Greenology Singapore | PS Cafe | Design and Build project