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The Branches

From the seed of an idea, Greenology continues to branch out into different business units in an ever-expanding quest to educate, innovate, research better sustainability solutions, and integrate nature into urban environments.


Greenology offers various sustainable ways to bring living architecture into urban spaces. From vertical green walls to landscaping to living wall art, you can bring nature right into your home, your office or your surroundings.

We also show you how to cultivate your own fruit and vegetables through foodscaping, either in your own home or in a community space. For soil-less farming methods, we provide consultancy services for Vertiponix and Aquaponix systems.

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Greenology is a strong advocate of Nature Inspired Stewardship, promoting greater awareness and knowledge of environmental sustainability and green resilience through education and action. Become a green champion by joining us in our varied courses and workshops that are informative, engaging, hands-on, and suitable for all ages!

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Been thinking about growing a herb garden at home? Wondering how to add greenery to your high rise apartment? Looking for green gift ideas? Check out our online store for vertical planting systems, moss art for your home, our innovative soil-less G-cube planting cups, seeds, planters and more!   

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