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CJC & Apex Harmony Lodge

Greenology was delighted to be part of a fruitful collaboration with CJC Ignite and Apex Harmony Lodge.

This project kicked off with a learning journey for the CJC students at Greenology Academy where Veera talked them through video presentations on Nature Inspired Stewardship Principles and Shaping Green Cities of the Future. This was followed by a tour around our five interactive zones to get hands-on experience with greenery and green technology.

Catholic Junior College Students in a workshop | Greenology Academy
CJC student planting | Greenology Academy
Workshop with CJC Ignite students | Greenology Academy
    The second part of the project required CJC students to conceptualise and execute 2 project themes:
  1. Add greenery to two of the visitor lounges in Apex Harmony Lodge to make it cosier for the residents’ activities and visits.
  2. Create soundscape tracks to complement existing and upcoming themed spaces in the lodge. Although the students were not able visit the residents due to COVID-19 measures, we were all pleased to hear of the positive reactions of the residents to the new installations:
"Mr G noticed the new greenery installations by Greenology. He loves them, especially the planter boxes with different herbs. He loves watering the creeper plants and herbs. He would request to head down to water them. This was very astonishing as he doesn't usually want to leave his room.

Ms Lee Ah Pong enjoys the new herbs that were planted in the central garden. She also loves sitting on the chairs where she can view the air plants that were installed. She would smell some of the herbs on the way back."
Elderly woman watering plant | Apex Harmony | Greenology Academy
Elderly woman watering garden | Apex Harmony | Greenology Academy
Elderly gentleman smelling a leaf | Apex Harmony | Greenology Academy