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Bringing Nature Into The Backyard

In October 2020, our client approached us to transform the plain back wall in her garden which separated her property from the neighbour’s. She wanted to create an extension of the outdoor garden; to have greenery envelop her home to create a soothing sanctuary. She was selective in her plant choice, opting for plants with broader leaves, and plants which brought colour and vibrancy to her vertical greenery.
Our designers brought her brief to life, creating a green wall which exceeded her expectations. The work was also expedited so her home was ready to receive guests over Christmas, proving to be the perfect festive gift!
Private Residential Project | outdoor green wall | Greenology Singapore
Private Residential Project Green Wall | Greenology Singapore
We greatly enjoyed working with Greenology on our green wall. Although our green wall is located in our backyard, it is visible from the front of the house so we needed something that would work (and not compete) with the existing foliage and yet have enough visual interest so we didn't end up with a literal wall of green. From adapting our mood board to a design that we liked, to speeding up the installation of the wall in time for Christmas and even accommodating changes to the plants to suit the environment, Saidah, Wayne and Tim and the team delivered great advice and service. We love how our wall turned out!
Ms Fern