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Hydroponics – Grow Your Own Food Easily!

Hydroponics is a technique of growing food crops using mineral nutrient solutions in water, instead of growing them in soil. Over years of improvement, hydroponics farming methods now allow food crops to grow at an efficient rate to meet the increasing demand for human consumption.

Food crops grown hydroponically are of higher food quality standards as they are free of pests, soil diseases or harmful chemicals. Grown in controlled conditions, hydroponics vegetables appear more uniform with considerably higher yield than conventionally soil-grown crops.

Hydroponic system | Greenology Singapore
Vegetables growing under red light | Hydroponics system | Greenology Singapore
Better For You, Better For The Planet

GO vertical and save space

The Greenology Vertiponix™ system employs the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) of growing plants in a thin layer of nutrient solution. This technique of hydroponics is most suitable for plants with smaller roots, including most fast-growing herbs and leafy vegetables. Because the crops are grown under Greenology Grow Lights™ that are used to provide optimal photosynthetic flux for vegetable growth, a faster harvest of crops is made possible without compromise in food quality.

Saves water

The recirculation tank in the hydroponics system collects the excess nutrient and reuses it to feed the plants, multiple times a day. This saves water – only 5% usage of what traditional soil based growing requires – and reduces the amount of time needed for watering and caring for the plants.

Fewer pests and diseases

Without the use of soil, we can eliminate weeds and diseases that are commonly associated with soil-based growing. The food crops will also be healthier for consumption as controlled environment hydroponics do not require the application of pesticides.

Hydroponic system | Greenology Singapore
Hydroponic system | Greenology Singapore
A Basic Hydroponics System
Hydroponics machine to grow your own herbs | Greenology Singapore

Hydroponics systems are truly space-saving, and some are even quite stylish! Here’s what the core components of a hydroponics system include:

    • Light source (either sunlight or grow lights)
    • Recirculation water system
    • Growing racks
    • Nutrient water
Start Your Own Herb Garden!

If you’re an avid cook, you’ll definitely appreciate having a wide variety of herbs at hand for your culinary creations. Why not start a herb garden using a hydroponics system? If you haven’t much space, then a system like this one (below left) is perfect. But if you have a big back yard or roof top space, you could definitely go for something bigger (below right). And throw in a section for veggies too!

Hydroponic system and foodscaping | Greenology Singapore
Hydroponics planters and herbs | Greenology Singapore

Come talk to us about what you want, and our expert Greenologists will be able to help you realise your vision!