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PS. Café – Great World City

PS Café has a philosophy of bringing nature closer to its patrons in all their outlets. Their signature gorgeous flower arrangements and beautiful greenery, present in all their cafes, are what customers usually recall about them.
Greenology has been involved with PS. Café for many years. When they were developing their outlet at Great World City, we were asked to create a semi-alfresco ambience through the use of local plants. We started with a backdrop of lush greenery spanning the length of the back of the café, evoking a tropical getaway for diners seated there. Our patented green wall substrate and system were used, together with Greenology Grow Lights, to ensure the plants continue to thrive in a completely fuss-free manner.
Greenology Singapore | PS Cafe Great World City | interiorscapes
Greenology Singapore | PS Cafe Great World City | Interiorscapes
Luxuriant palms in planters flank the side windows and front, welcoming patrons into a green embrace. The palms are set in specially developed semi-hydro systems that require very little maintenance. We incorporated Bluetooth technology for the irrigation controllers and fertigation units that schedule water and nutrients at the right time, and in the correct amounts. The end result is a very luxuriant green ambience that is both immersive and biophilic.