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Soil-Free, Fuss-Free Green Walls!

Imagine having in your home a wall of gorgeous greenery that grows and changes subtly over time, like a living tapestry. Now imagine that it’s simple and inexpensive to maintain, and you’ve got Greenology’s very own Singapore-developed Vertical Greenery™ system!

These green walls are a versatile and easy way to bring the beauty and benefits of nature into your home or office, or outside of your building. They are a beautiful visual respite to a concrete jungle, and help to clear pollutants and freshen the air in their immediate environment.

The Science Behind the Beauty

No soil is used in our Vertical Greenery™ systems. Instead, we use GNanoFibre™ and GMatrix™ as the key substrates for plant roots to anchor and grow. An automated irrigation system with pressure compensated droppers and an in-line fertigation unit keep the plants watered and fed at regular intervals. That leaves you with very little to do other than sit back and enjoy the beauty!

More good news – the system consumes little water. In many of our trials, we’ve learned that the capital investment and running cost of our Vertical Greenery™ system is the lowest in the market.

Each Wall is Totally Unique

With hundreds of species of plants to choose from, we can create a Living Green Skin™ over any vertical, angled or odd-shaped surface. We customise our vertical greening solutions to suit the site and conditions.

Green walls are meant to evolve and develop naturally, with minimal intervention and maintenance. Of course this also depends on the choice of plants and how the plants are grouped on the wall. It is important to understand the growth habits of different plant species to achieve this. We have used more than 600 species in our green walls and have an excellent understanding of which plants do well in which conditions, and which plants grow well together.

Each green wall is different and they behave differently in different orientations and sites. Maintaining a green wall should be based on how it develops and thrives, rather than following stipulated maintenance regimes. Leave it to Greenology’s specialists to recommend the best choice of plants for your particular site and location, and you’re absolutely assured of having a spectacular, fuss-free, living work of vertical green art to enjoy for decades!

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