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Temasek Shophouse – Greening A Heritage Building

Originally built in 1929 as a mixed development with offices downstairs and apartments above, this heritage shophouse at the bottom end of Orchard Road was carefully restored in 2019. It is now a social impact hub focused on effecting positive changes in society and the planet through building a better and more sustainable world.
With this manifesto in mind, Temasek Shophouse tasked Greenology with a design and build project – to green the building in a way that was sympathetic to the heritage architecture, and to showcase as much native plant life as possible. Greenology built an eye-catching three-storey green wall in the atrium, created Interiorscapes throughout the internal spaces, designed a flower-filled back garden, and conceived a delightful rooftop garden that attracts local biodiversity and is a food source for their urban beehive. More than 100 native species feature in all the green spaces we created.
Temasek Shophouse | Indoor green wall | Greenology Singapore
Temasek Shophouse | Interiorscapes | Greenology Singapore
Our team did face a few challenges. The roof of Temasek Shophouse was never designed for a garden and did not have the roof loading necessary for the amount of soil required for larger plants and trees. Plant selection and planting density would be restricted by the limited soil depth. We worked with the engineers to overcome this issue. The roof was strengthened, thus allowing our creativity greater rein to design a luscious green retreat on the fourth floor roof.
Our Greenologists used artfully concealed roof garden trays and integrated raised planters that allowed taller trees to be planted in the necessary soil depth without causing any loading issues. We also developed a soil mix specifically for the diverse palette of grasses, ground cover, flowering shrubs and trees, managing to incorporate 36 species in a snug space of 130 sq m.
Temasek Shophouse | Rooftop garden | Greenology Singapore
To complete the immersive experience of a green sanctuary in the midst of the city, we hid the white concrete parapet wall behind a wall of greenery. The successful illusion we created continues to be a magnet for various birds, butterflies, bees and insects, just four stories above noisy, bustling Orchard Road!
Greenology was the consultant and contractor for the landscape work for Temasek Shophouse during construction stage. We continue to engage them for the maintenance service after construction stage as the team is knowledgeable and well versed in greenery designs and plant care systems installed at Temasek Shophouse.

The team is very responsive with feedback and provides good assistance to us by making Temasek Shophouse a better place for our community. As such, we would like to use this chance to say thank you to the team.
Zell Chang, Manager, Building and Facilities